We all know that the secret to a great life is work-life balance and we would strongly argue the same for skin too : strategically balanced PH levels.

So what is PH all about ? PH stands for potential of hydrogen i.e the concentration of hydrogen ions. PH levels are rated on a scale of 0 to 14 with 0 being most acidic and 14 being most alkaline.

Our skin has a thin protective layer termed as the acid mantle which is made up of sebum. This sebum when combined with lactic acid from sweat determines the skin’s PH level which ideally should border around the acidic level at 5.5.

This acid mantle is incredibly important in maintaining your skin’s hydration and nourishment levels and even protects it from germs and infection. So, now maybe you can understand the obsession around creating that fine balance between acidic and alkaline PH levels.

So what happens if your PH levels go for a toss?

Well, the answer is simple – When your skin turns too alkaline, it becomes increasingly dry, tight and even prone to premature ageing such as fine lines and crow feet. This typically happens when you resort to foam cleansers or harsh sulphate-based face wash which can hamper your skin’s barrier function drastically.

And when your skin turns too acidic, it becomes oily, increasingly sensitive to breakouts and inflammations. Over-exfoliation and resorting to chemical peels can often lead to highly acidic PH levels.

Quick tips to restore the delicate balance

  • Choose a PH balanced cleanser like ours (Green Juice Superfood Brightening Face Cleanse) which works on all skin types including sensitive. Our cleanser contains sebum balancing ingredients such as Hemp and Matcha which combine with powerful hydrators such as Shea Butter which wraps your skin in a blanket of moisture.
  • Choose wisely products that are rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants. Experts suggest that the usual list of skin-friendly Vitamins include Vitamin C, E ( which are also powerful Anti-Oxidants) and Vitamin A. Always include a Vitamin C Serum and Cream in your regime as topical Anti-Oxidants work wonders at balancing your skin’s PH level and maintaining the skin’s acid mantle.
  • Reduce the use of products with glycolic acid, lactic acid and AHA’s to just one to twice a week depending on your skin’s sensitivity levels. And when you do use such products, ensure there is always a thick moisturizer to apply on your skin, to prevent any moisture loss.
  • Diet Diet! We can’t stress enough how closely the quality of your skin is linked to the diet you follow. Quick and simple tips like drinking warm water with apple cider vinegar with lemon juice can easily restore the balance. Pro-biotic-rich foods like yoghurt not only clean your gut but also balance your PH levels internally.

So there you have it! Don’t feel overwhelmed by the words PH balanced anymore. It’s not too complex to understand your PH level and implement our quick fixes to repair your skin and bring it back to its truest healthiest state.