At Light Up, we are obsessed with perfection and we strive to use carefully hand picked, active ingredients at just the right percentage at balanced PH levels in our formulations, so that our blends are effective and long lasting. We strongly feel that a healthy radiant complexion can be achieved with the right bio-compatible combination of Super-Foods, Antioxidant and Vitamin rich fruits, vegetables and flowers that are easily absorbed by the skin, work quickly to show results and suit all skin types. We have shortlisted only those natural actives that generate positive synergies when blended together, are safe and gentle, non-irritant and balance each other to help you score healthy, attention-worthy skin. As you read through our Skin Superstars directory below, ready yourself for a bare-faced, makeup free radiant glow as these ingredients work tirelessly to help you confidently flaunt a smooth, even toned and hydrated complexion.

Sweet Almond

Sweet Almond oil nourishes and softens the skin.


Provides intense hydration while combating damage from external stressors.


Effectively balances sebum production, and maintains pore health.


Matcha detoxifies, soothes redness and inflammation.

Vitamin B5

Deeply hydrates, sealing in moisture for youthful, soft skin.


Offers a Vitamin C boost, addressing pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne.


Provides a surge of hydration.

Aloe Vera

Gently plumps, hydrates, and soothes irritated/sunburnt skin.


Has Protein, Iron, vital B Vitamins, and fatty acids for a radiant complexion.

Vitamin E

Shields against free radicals triggered by sun exposure and pollution.


Actively combats inflammation and breakouts.


Jasmine calms irritated & sensitive skin.

R.U.M Complex

The R.U.M Complex features pore-tightening Rice, brightening Vigna Mungo (Urad), and gently exfoliating Red Lentils (Masoor Dal).

New Zealand Glacial Clay

Formed from Volcanic Ash and Glacial Ice, extracts impurities with its negative charge, enriching pores with Collagen-boosting minerals.


Guava fights fine lines, wrinkles, and maintains radiant skin.

Goat’s Milk

Lactic Acid rich Goat's Milk controls and reduces body breakouts and acne scars.


This indulgent scrub tones, hydrates, and plumps skin.


Instantly soothes dry, distressed, and acne prone skin.


Diminishes age spots and reverses damage from urban pollutants and UV rays.

Bio Retinols

100% Plant Derived Retinol combats aging and pigmentation without irritation

Chinese Ginger

Ginger addresses acne, age spots, and inflammation.


Packed with antioxidants, it effectively prevents pollution & UV-induced skin damage.

Kakadu Plum

Packed with 100X the Vitamin C of an orange and anti-oxidants, Kakadu Plum effectively addresses age spots and UV damage.

Hyaluronic Acid

Naturally enhances hydration levels, holding 1000 times its weight in water.

Alpha Arbutin

It visibly brightens while addressing pigmentation and dark spots.


This Green Superfood is packed with Vitamin C, E & Antioxidants.

indian oranges

Vitamin C

Highly stable THD-Ascorbate Vitamin C penetrates 3X faster, boosts Collagen by 50% removing pigmentation.


Has Vitamin K for enhanced elasticity & Vitamin C for collagen production.

Shea Butter

Enriched with antioxidants & Vitamin E.

Cocoa Butter

Shields skin from environmental stressors and provides hydration for tired skin.

Milk Peptides

Dramatically boosts Collagen levels, leaving skin firm, smooth & silky.

Evening Primrose

Soothes, retexturizes, moisturizes, nurtures, and promotes firmer, tighter skin.