Decode the Label: Understanding Ingredients in Acne-Fighting Products


'Acne' rings the bell for that one holy grail - salicylic acid. Another one that pops up is Niacinamide. Combine these two, and you've got yourself a match made in heaven! Light Up Beauty brings you this very heavenly match in its acne care range. To support this power duo, Light Up Beauty came up with its product range packed with green tea (Matcha), vitamin C, and butterfly pea flower, that too in naturally occurring ingredients such as blueberry, marigold, blue Matcha, New Zealand glacial clay and many more. The acne care range packed with these ingredients will leave your skin feeling brighter, healthier, and even textured.

Let's understand these ingredients one by one:

  1. Salicylic acid - Salicylic acid is a very well-known BHA for effectively reducing excess oil and sebum production. It is the power ingredient for a reason: salicylic acid, with its anti-inflammatory properties, reduces redness and swelling associated with acne. Light Up Beauty's Dewdrop anti-acne face wash enriched with blueberries makes it a perfect choice for not only those battling with acne but also for those wanting to get rid of inflammation and redness as it has butterfly pea flower and Bisabol for calming the skin. Not just facial acne, body acne too is a common phenomenon. But look no more; Light Up Beauty has come up with its Flash Ubtan with 100% natural ingredients, including a marigold that has salicylic acid to get rid of your face as well as body acne.

  2. Niacinamide - Niacinamide, aka vitamin B3, is the BFF for acne-prone skin. It regulates oil production by controlling the Sebaceous glands responsible for producing sebum. It also improves the skin's barrier, preventing further breakouts. It is a multitasker for all your acne concerns, from prevention to treatment to post-acne scar reduction. Light Up Beauty's star combo of Dewdrop anti-acne hydrating face wash and flash facial and body powder wash with Niacinamide is here to your rescue.

  3. Gold Standard of Vitamin C- Gold Standard Vitamin C is packed with potent, pure vitamin C that effectively targets breakouts. Its cooling property calms down red spots and swelling. It also clears up acne scars from old breakouts, giving your skin a radiant glow. Its high concentration and superior quality make it a better choice than any vitamin C. Light Up Beauty is India's first brand to come up with Gold Standard Vitamin C in its Prism Vitamin C cream and Gold Rush sunscreen. After you are done with providing your skin the benefits of salicylic acid and Niacinamide with Light Up Beauty's dewdrop face wash and flash ubtan, it's time to give it the love of vitamin C gold standard with the Prism Vitamin C glow cream and Gold Rush sunscreen to complete the acne care routine.

  4. Matcha - Matcha has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that fight off acne-causing bacteria. It has natural compounds that help purify the skin, unclog pores, and promote a clearer complexion. It is a soothing and effective remedy for acne-prone skin. Though blue and green Matcha have similar properties, people with a sensitive skin type should opt for blue Matcha as it has a milder caffeine content. Light Up Beauty offers green Matcha in its green juice brightening face cleanse that helps fight acne and is suitable for all skin types. It provides blue Matcha, aka butterfly pea flower, in its dew drop anti-acne hydrating face wash, as well as the splash hydrating face serum that provides a gentle yet effective solution for your acne concerns. Green Matcha or blue Matcha, whichever the skin feels more comfortable in, Light Up Beauty is here for your satisfaction.

  5. New Zealand glacial clay - New Zealand glacial clay is a unique natural substance renowned for its numerous skincare benefits. It is derived from ancient volcanic ash deposits, is rich in minerals, and possesses remarkable properties that promote skin health and vitality. It has natural absorption properties that draw out impurities, excess oil, and toxins from the skin. Clay masks have been known for over 1400 years for their many benefits. As we advance, their acne-fighting properties have come into the limelight. Light Up Beauty's beam glacial glow mud offers a unique acne-fighting property with New Zealand glacial clay as its star ingredient. It unclogs pores and balances oil production, promoting smoother skin with fewer breakouts.

What not to combine with these ingredients :

  1. Salicylic Acid: Salicylic Acid with other exfoliating acids (such as AHAs) or high concentrations of potentially irritating ingredients may harm your skin barrier.

  2. Niacinamide: While Niacinamide pairs well with most ingredients, it should be avoided in combination with acidic ingredients like AHAs or BHAs, as it may diminish its effectiveness.2. Niacinamide: While Niacinamide pairs well with most ingredients, it should be avoided in combination with acidic ingredients like AHAs or BHAs, as it may diminish its effectiveness.

  3. Gold standard of Vitamin C (THD Ascorbate):  It should be avoided to use with acidic ingredients like AHAs or BHAs, as they may reduce its efficiency.

  4. Green Matcha and Blue Matcha: They are generally safe to use with other skincare ingredients, but avoid pairing them with potential irritants such as harsh exfoliants.

  5. New Zealand Glacial Clay: Though versatile, New Zealand Glacial Clay should not be combined with ingredients known to cause sensitivities, such as strong physical exfoliants.

These guidelines minimize the risk of irritation or adverse reactions from combining ingredients that are not meant to be used together.


Light Up Beauty's acne care range has tailored its ingredients to fight acne and promote healthier skin. With the combination of salicylic acid and Niacinamide, these products effectively reduce excess oil, inflammation, and acne breakouts. Enriched with natural ingredients like blueberries, marigolds, Matcha, and New Zealand glacial clay, the range addresses various skin concerns, from calming inflammation to balancing oil production and unclogging pores. The Dewdrop face wash and Flash Ubtan target facial and body acne, while the Prism Vitamin C Glow Cream and Gold Rush Sunscreen with vitamin C gold standard provide potent vitamin C benefits. The green juice brightening face cleanse, The splash hydrating face serum with Matcha and beam glacial glow mud with New Zealand glacial clay offer antioxidant and detoxifying properties, promoting clearer, smoother skin with fewer breakouts. Light Up Beauty's acne care range provides a one-stop solution for acne-prone skin, leaving it brighter, healthier, and more textured.