From Dull to Dazzling: When To Use Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum has been rapidly gaining popularity in the skincare world. This hype around Vitamin C is due to its many benefits. Packed with antioxidants, it can elevate your skincare routine. Light Up Beauty’s Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum is filled with the power of Gold Standard of Vitamin C, which is a gentler yet more effective version of Vitamin C.

Why Vitamin C?

  • Antioxidant: Vitamin C serum slows ageing due to its Antioxidant properties.
  • Boosts Collagen: It helps boost collagen production, improves skin texture, and maintains elasticity.
  • Skin Brightening: Vitamin C reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone.
  • UV Protection: It acts as armor against common environmental enemies, including pollution and harmful UV rays, due to its antioxidant properties, which provide an additional defense against damaging UV rays.
  • Radiant Complexion: Regular use of Vitamin C serum results in a glowing, healthy-looking complexion, free from dullness and discoloration.

Why the Gold Standard of Vitamin C?

Comparing the Gold Standard of Vitamin C (THD ascorbate) with the usual Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) found in skincare products is like comparing the premium version to the basic version. It is gentler on the skin, with better stability and 3x faster absorption. It's the upgrade you didn't know you needed for brighter, smoother skin free from irritation. But it doesn't stop here; 50x more Vitamin C boosts collagen production by up to a whopping 50%. This powerful formula is the first of its kind in the Indian market. With excellence in innovation, Light Up Beauty delivers this effective yet gentle formula in its Vitamin C range

The Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum, enriched with the multiple benefits of not any ordinary Vitamin C but the Gold Standard of Vitamin C, 12 Power Nutri Complex including Bio Retinols, Milk Peptides, and Chinese Ginger, not only fades away dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of ageing but also hydrates, illuminates, and reveals youthful, bright, healthy skin.

Results of Blaze best serum for face glow

When Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is best used in the morning to enjoy that extra ray of sunshine without worrying about skin damage from the sun, as it teams up with your sunscreen to strengthen UV protection throughout the day. Although it is also safe to use at night, it is a backup to your sunscreen in the morning. So, start your day by applying the Blaze Vitamin C serum after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing and applying sunscreen. Take 1 to 2 pumps of the serum and gently pat it onto a clean, dry face and neck. Before going in with your cream, wait a minute or two for the serum to absorb.

Layering Vitamin C Serum:

Vitamin C serum goes well with different ingredients and increases their benefits. Besides hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, they give your skin an extra boost of hydration. With Light Up Beauty's Vitamin C range, you don't need the hassle of layering on separate serums for different concerns. The Blaze Vitamin C serum with Hyaluronic acid bodes well with Vitamin C to keep your skin hydrated while working its brightening magic. Losing your skincare products from the thinnest to the thickest is essential for maximum benefits. After the Blaze Vitamin C serum absorbs completely into your skin, it is time to lock in that glow with a cream. Light Up Beauty's Prism Vitamin C Glow Cream with Niacinamide will complete your ingredient smoothie to give you that healthy, bright glow. But don't stop here. After you have reaped the benefits of your Vitamin C serum and locked in that glow with the Vitamin C cream, it is time for SPF protection. Light Up Beauty's Gold Rush Vitamin C sunscreen offers maximum sun protection with an SPF of 60 and PA++++ UVA/UVB filter and the extra assistance of the Gold Standard of Vitamin C.

What not to do while using Vitamin C?

  • Incorporating Vitamin C without a patch test

It is important to do a patch test first before incorporating a new Vitamin C product into your skincare to identify your skin's sensitivity to particular ingredients. Apply a small amount of the serum to a small area of your skin, like the behind of your ear or the inner forearm, and observe for 24 hours for any signs of redness or irritation.

  • Overuse of Vitamin C

While Vitamin C offers numerous benefits, it is advised not to use it excessively as it can sensitize your skin. It is safe to use once daily in the morning. You can always build up your skin's tolerance and use it at night as well.

  • Storing in direct sunlight

Vitamin C is sensitive to light, air, and heat; it should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place and never in direct sunlight or extreme heat, or else it will lose its efficiency over time. The Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum comes in opaque packaging, making its effectiveness long-lasting.

  • Mixing Vitamin C with Certain Ingredients

Vitamin C is acidic and can react negatively with certain skincare ingredients, reducing its efficiency and irritating. It should not be mixed with Glycolic acid, AHAs, or benzoyl peroxide, as they may increase skin sensitivity. At times, it also comes up whether or not to use Niacinamide with Vitamin C as it may cause irritation, but Light Up Beauty's formulations with Gold Standard of Vitamin C are very gentle formulas that are safe to use in combination with Niacinamide.

  • Not Using Sunscreen Daily

Though Vitamin C provides extra support against UV rays, it is not a substitute for sunscreen. Applying sunscreen daily and reapplying every 2 to 3 hours is essential for achieving the maximum benefits of Vitamin C and protecting your skin from sun damage. Apply the Gold Rush Vitamin C sunscreen daily and follow up every 2 to 3 hours for complete sun protection and healthy, glowing skin.

  • Skipping Moisturizer

While Vitamin C serums give your skin an instant splash of dew, it is important to seal it with a hydrating moisturizer. They are lightweight and may not provide sufficient hydration on their own. Follow up with a moisturizer after applying Vitamin C serum to maintain ideal hydration. The Prism Vitamin C Glow Cream works best with the Blaze Vitamin C Glow serum to provide intense hydration and enhance the many benefits of Vitamin C.

Conclusion :

Due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C acts as an armor against common environmental enemies, including pollution and harmful UV rays. It improves skin texture and maintains skin elasticity. Light Up Beauty's Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum, with the Gold Standard of Vitamin C and 12 Power-Nutri Complex, fights signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, leaving the skin youthful and glowing. The best time to apply Vitamin C serum is in the morning as it increases sun protection and goes well with other skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide. By everyday use, cautious layering of the Vitamin C Serum, and a few precautions like proper storage and regular sunscreen application, you can achieve youthful, bright, and healthier-looking skin.