How to Choose the Right Face Mask for Your Skin Type: A Guide by Light Up Beauty

Choosing the right face mask for your skin is confusing nowadays, there are lots of options with different Ingredients, colors, textures and types. It can be difficult to choose the right one for your skin. That's why Light Up Beauty Has come up with this face mask guide! We're here to help you figure out which face mask is perfect for your skin type – if it's oily, dry, combination, or sensitive.

For Oily Skin: Drench Hydrating Jelly Face Mask

Drench hydrating face mask removes sun tanning

If your skin tends to get oily, you need a mask that can control the shine while still giving you hydration. Our Drench Hydrating Jelly Face Mask is just the thing! It works super fast, hydrating your skin in just 5-7 minutes. Plus, its green jam-like texture feels amazing and instantly cools and calms your skin. It even helps remove that extra shine, thanks to special ingredients like chlorophyll. And with stuff like rose water and cucumber, your skin gets a natural hydration boost. For an extra cool feeling, pop it in the fridge before using it!

For Dry and Sensitive Skin: Beam Clay Mask for Face

Beam clay mask reduces black heads

Dry and sensitive skin needs lots of care and hydration. Our Beam Clay Mask for Face is made especially for you! It's thick and creamy, giving your skin an instant hydration boost and a beautiful glow in just 5-7 minutes. Also, it's packed with good stuff like 3 Million-year-old New Zealand glacial clay formed by a collision between volcanic ash and glacial ice, Grandmother's secret for natural brightening: Rice, Urad and Masoor ( RUM Complex ), Formulated with floral waters such as Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile instead of ordinary water. The only clay mask in the market which detoxifies and hydrates VERY DRY skin also. Does not leave skin feeling dry and tight like another clay mask. It's perfect for getting that special glow before a big event!

For Combination Skin: Ubtan Powder and Face Mask for Body & Face

Features of Flash ubtan powder

Combination skin can be tricky, but our Ubtan Powder and Face Mask is here to help! It's a quick 3-minute facial in a jar that's natural and fragrance-free – perfect for sensitive skin. With ingredients like crushed rose, hibiscus, and goat's milk, it gives your skin a fast glow and reduces acne. Also, it's got a lovely earthy scent and a thick powder texture that feels Good. Just mix it with water or milk and apply it all over your face and body for a quick glow!


At Light Up Beauty, we understand that every skin has its own needs. we got you if you have oily skin or dry or even sensitive or combination we got your back, From the Drench Hydrating Jelly Face Mask to the Beam Clay Mask for Face and the Ubtan, we've got everything you need to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Say hello to glowing skin with Light Up Beauty!