Getting breakouts is bad enough and when those breakouts seem to perfectly time with an important presentation, a fun date or a family wedding – there is literally no time to identify its root cause and do anything much about it.

Well, we thought the same way too until we discovered that ancient Chinese medicine already has an extremely useful tool called face mapping. This 3000 year old genius practice actually helps us identify why our breakouts are happening and what we need to do about it.


Zits on the forehead are a clear indication of poor diet. This area is clearly linked to your digestive system and bladder and quick lifestyle changes can easily address this.

Solution : Grab the nearest water bottle and stay clear of sugar, alcohol and processed foods. Focus on eating more zinc rich foods such as sunflower seeds and try fermented foods to heal the tummy, like yoghurt.


This area is closely associated with blood circulation and therefore any acne in this area is a clear sign of poor circulation, bloating, indigestion and even plausibly, constipation.

Solution : Pumping yourself with Vitamin B tablets could greatly facilitate an improvement.


Spots on your cheeks could be an easy sign of respiratory distress or smoking related. It could also alternatively be linked to soiled pillow covers or a dirty phone screen.

Solution : The fix is simple ! One more reason to quit smoking obviously, but other than that, installing an air purifier, keeping a clean phone and pillow cover could also greatly help.


Hormones, hormones, hormones ! We know this is out of your control and sometimes the breakouts here could also be stress or PMT related.

Solution : You really need to try and relax – an aromatic tub soak or listening to your favourite music could help. But your diet also needs some hormone balancing foods such as broccoli, cabbage and turmeric to make a difference.


Chin acne is hormone related and unfortunately as hormonal changes dictate the levels of sebum / oil production that clogs our pores, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why those bumps appeared !

Solution : This is when you need to be really regular at cleansing and exfoliation. Try our Green Juice Brightening Face Cleanse that contains sebum balancers such as Matcha and Hemp that will cleanse your pores from deep within while Avocado heaps moisture so that your skin feels clean and supple at the same time.

Our Flash Facial and Body Powder Wash is a great exfoliator for all skin types including sensitive. While Crushed Rose Petals and Marigolds gently remove dead cells, Goats Milk moisturizes while Vigna Mungo (Urad) brightens.

So there you have it ! A quick face mapping tool to help you diagnose your breakout and take corrective action and whats more, keep those zits from coming back !