At Light Up, we are obsessed with perfection and we strive to use carefully hand picked, active ingredients at just the right percentage at balanced PH levels in our formulations, so that our blends are effective and long lasting. We strongly feel that a healthy radiant complexion can be achieved with the right bio-compatible combination of Super-Foods, Antioxidant and Vitamin rich fruits, vegetables and flowers that are easily absorbed by the skin, work quickly to show results and suit all skin types. We have shortlisted only those natural actives that generate positive synergies when blended together, are safe and gentle, non-irritant and balance each other to help you score healthy, attention-worthy skin. As you read through our Skin Superstars directory below, ready yourself for a bare-faced, makeup free radiant glow as these ingredients work tirelessly to help you confidently flaunt a smooth, even toned and hydrated complexion.


We take safety very seriously and ensure that each product is tested meticulously for allergens and irritants, only on human volunteers and of-course, the Light Up Team. We are committed to developing products that suit all skin types and we ensure that a qualified team of dermatologists subject our products to rigorous testing across multiple parameters, before it makes the final cut.


We have replaced this commonly used preservative with plant derived substitutes such as ethylhexylglycerine which does not have the annoying irritation and inflammation side effects that most parabens do.


This bad guy is infamous for causing severe redness, irritation and itching and that’s why our formulations are completely sulphate free.


We strongly hold the flag for cruelty free skincare and make sure our products are only tested on humans – millennials like you and I :)


Known for its capability to create a superficial silky smooth texture, Mineral Oil barely penetrates into skin owing to its high molecular weight, thereby clogging pores severely. That’s why it’s high on our ban-list.


The list of the disastrous side effects of Phthalates is long and ranges from breast cancer, allergies to infertility. It was therefore, a total no brainer to avoid these completely.


Used as a common softener, Urea does nothing but cause unnecessary irritation, dryness and rashes.


Several big brands prefer to use Alcohol since it provides a quick matte finish but what it really results in is clogged pores, frequent breakouts and super oily skin.


Talc might be popular for giving a great finish to skincare products, but there are certain studies linking its use to ovarian cancer and lung related illnesses. We don’t like to take chances as far as safety is concerned, and that’s why talc is OUT !


Despite being touted for its powerful capability to tackle pigmentation and age spots, toxic Hydroquinone made it to the top of our blacklist owing to its high mercury content. We prefer a natural botanical based compound called Alpha-Arbutin which naturally brightens and lightens skin