How to Properly Cleanse Your Face: Tips for Using Face Wash Effectively

The first and foremost step in any skincare routine is to wash your face because it then helps to prep your skin to absorb all the benefits of other skincare products like Vitamin C sunscreen, Moisturizer, Vitamin C serums, Toners etc. Here we have shortlisted some tips that will help you to cleanse your face effectively.
  • Know your skin type: To make skincare products work effectively, know your skin type. Use products that are suitable for your skin type. Opt for a face wash like Light Up Beauty’s Dew Drop Anti Acne Hydrating Face Wash because it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. It does not cause any side effects to the skin.

  • Use Lukewarm Water: Before washing your face, you should always wet your face with lukewarm water. Avoid using too hot water to rinse your face. This particular step helps to open your pores and make them ready for cleansing.

  • Be Gentle: Always be gentle with your skin while cleaning it with a face wash. To avoid irritation and redness, don’t opt for harsh scrubbing. Be kind to your skin and use your fingertips or a soft washcloth for cleansing.

  • Follow Up with Toner and Moisturizer: It's critical to use a toner and moisturizer that are appropriate for your skin type after cleansing. While moisturizer nourishes and moisturizes the face, locking in moisture and forming a protective barrier, toner helps to balance the pH levels of the skin and remove any lingering impurities.

  • Pat Dry: Avoid using a towel to massage your face. Instead, use a soft, clean towel to pat dry your skin. Rubbing can cause skin irritation and redness.

  • Cleanse Twice a Day: Cleaning your face once in the morning and once at night is the ideal schedule. You can get rid of dust, oil, dirt and other pollutants by doing this step daily. Cleaning your face twice a day will promote a cleaner and glowing skin.


Using Light Up Beauty's Dew Drop Anti Acne Face Wash will make your skin glowing and healthy. From deep cleansing to unclogging pores and hydration, this face wash does it all. So why wait? With Light Up Beauty let your skin shine like never before.