Gel Based Sunscreen: Everything you need to know

How many times did you reapply your sunscreen today? Do you hate wearing SPF because of its thick and greasy texture? Are you guilty of not wearing sunscreen because it feels too heavy on your skin? If Yes, then we might have a solution for you. It's Gel based sunscreens. We don't have to explain to you how influential SPF is for your skin in today's day and age. A sunscreen is your 27/7 BFF.

Whether it's summer, winter, or gloomy, you should wear sunscreens all seasons. But in summer, it becomes even more important to wear sunscreen as the heat and sun exposure are at their peak. But we get it: who likes that greasy, sticky, oily feeling on their face all day? In this scorching heat, nobody wants to apply thick and heavy sunscreen. But thanks to the technology today, we have so many suitable formulations of gel sunscreens. Gel based sunscreens are lightweight, nonsticky, and easily absorbed in the skin. Gel based sunscreens are formulated with a higher content of water, so their texture is water-like light.

These are typically oil-free, which makes them nonsticky and leaves no residue or unwanted shine on your face. Their gel consistency makes it more accessible even when applied, ensuring thorough coverage and sun protection. Gel based sunscreen is a popular choice among people with oily and acne-prone skin. Due to its lightweight texture, it does not clog the pores and does not aggravate the acne.

Why Gel Based Sunscreen?

There are many reasons why gel based sunscreen is a popular choice and why you should use it.

1) Lightweight texture: Their lightweight texture is one of the main reasons why they are loved by so many people. It gets absorbed into your skin very quickly, leaving no residue, making it perfect for beating the heat in summer.

2) Nongreasy finish: Since their formulations contain more water, they do not leave an oily residue behind. Their finish is more matte or dewy than that of other sunscreen formulations, making them perfect for people with oily and combination skin who might find traditional sunscreen pore-clogging. They are also suitable for acne-prone skin as they are non-comedogenic and oil-free. 

3) Enhanced wearability: Due to their lightweight texture, it is easier to wear SPF for a longer duration, especially in this hot and humid weather. You can easily layer it under your makeup, and reapplying it is also comfortable as it does not feel sticky and oily.

4) Cooling sensation: Most gel based sunscreen contains ingredients like Aloe Vera, which gives a refreshing and cooling sensation. This makes it perfect to use in this hot and humid.

5) Provides complete sun protection: Gel sunscreen completely protects your skin from UV damage. It reflects all the UV rays that fall on it.

How does gel based sunscreen work?

Like all sunscreens, they also contain active ingredients that help you give protection against harmful UV rays. Ordinary UV filters in gel based formulas include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and chemical filters like avobenzone or octinoxate. Depending on whether it is chemical or mineral-based sunscreen, these either absorb or reflect UV rays. To ensure maximum protection, apply generous amounts on all the exposed body parts evenly and allow them to absorb entirely before stepping outside. Remember to reapply it every 2 to 3 hours to ensure complete protection. 

How do you choose the correct gel based sunscreen?

1) SPF level: It is essential to check sunscreen's sun protection factor (SPF) before buying it. Ensure that your sunscreen contains at least SPF 40 for high sun protection and protects you from UV A and B damage. Light Up Beauty's Beauty's Gold Rush Sunscreen is a gel based sunscreen with SPF 60 PA++++, which protects against UV A, UV B, Infrared rays, and blue light. It contains more than 6 UV filters, which ensure complete protection against sun damage.

2) Skin type: Ensure that the sunscreen suits your skin type. Gel based sunscreens are usually suitable for all skin types but look for non-comedogenic sunscreens if you have acne-prone skin to avoid pore clogging. Light Up Beauty's Gold Rush suits all skin types, including sensitive ones. It is free from harmful and toxic chemicals.

3) Additional Benefits: Look for ingredients in your sunscreen that can provide additional benefits and sun protection. Light Up Beauty's Gold Rush contains Gold Standard Of Vitamin C, THD Ascorbate, and 1% ceramides. It is India's first-ever sunscreen with THD Ascorbate, aka the Gold standard of Vitamin C, which is an oil-soluble form of Vitamin C. Since most of our skin is made up of lipids, fats and oils, THD ascorbate being oil soluble can penetrate the skin 3X faster than any other Vitamin C. THD ascorbate after penetrating in the skin gets converted to Ascorbic acid which provides all the benefits.

Since THD Ascorbate is not a direct acid, it is suitable for sensitive skin and less likely to irritate the skin barrier. Studies have shown that THD Ascorbate effectively reduces hyperpigmentation, even in cases of melasma. THD Ascorbate is a much more stable molecule than L- Ascorbic Acid, degrading much slower than the other Vitamin C available. Vitamin C helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots, while the 1% Ceramides help build and repair the skin barrier.

4) Water resistance: Summer means pool parties, beach vacations, and water activities. To enjoy your beach vacations without any tension or sun damage, wear water-resistant sunscreen. Not all sunscreens are water-resistant and can slip when in contact with water, so they do not protect pool parties. Light Up Beauty's Gold Rush is water-resistant and provides complete protection even under water.

Incorporating Gel Based Sunscreens in your everyday routine

1) Cleans: Start by cleaning all the dirt, oil, and impurities from your face with a face wash that suits your skin type. Choose a gentle cleanser that is gentle on your skin and does not strip away the natural oils from your face. Light Up Beauty's Anti Acne Face Wash Dewdrop is hydrating face wash infused with Blueberries and Butter Pea flowers. It is thick and creamy and contains Salicylic Acid that helps control excess oil and acne and minimizes acne scars. It is hydrating, so it does not strip away the natural oils from your face, giving you a hydrated feeling even after washing your face. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin types. 

2)  Moisturize: It's time to return that moisture to the skin after cleansing. Apply a lightweight hydrating moisturizer that does not clog your pores. Choose the moisturizer that suits your skin type. Light Up Beauty's Wave hydrating day cream containing 5% Squalane and 2% Niacinamide. It is a lightweight, nonstick moisturizer that helps achieve glowing skin by providing ample hydration. The niacinamide helps fade acne marks and dark spots, while the Squalane helps retain moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss.

3) Sun Protection: Apply a generous amount of gel based sunscreen to all exposed parts of your body. Be sure to cover all the areas with a high SPF sunscreen. Light Up Beauty's Beauty's Gold Rush SPF 60 Vitamin C Sunscreen is an excellent option as it ticks all the boxes. It has everything you need in a sunscreen and more. The best part is that it is available at just Rs 499. 

4) Reapply: Remember to keep reapplying SPF every 2 to 3 hours to ensure maximum protection.


Gel based sunscreens are lightweight, nonsticky, oil-free, and nongreasy, making them an excellent choice in this hot and humid weather. Light Up Beauty's Gold Rush Sunscreen is a gel based sunscreen that ticks all the boxes and is everything you need in a sunscreen. So get Gold Rush Sunscreen today, heavy on UV rays but super light on the skin.