Achieve Radiance: Best Daily Use Face Cream for Glowing Skin


You must have heard of a number of things to do to get glowing skin or what would be the best daily use face cream for glowing skin and come across an even double number of ways and products to get there. Glowing skin is one that looks healthy, is blemish and pigmentation-free, does not have acne or acne marks, and looks fresh, hydrated and nourished.

And who wouldn’t want all that for their skin? Countless ways come into the picture when you go looking to find that glow your skin desires. But you don’t want a hundred ways. You want one that works for you. The simple solution to this is the one and only - Vitamin C! Yes, you heard it for the hundredth time, and you heard it right.

Vitamin C is the only way you need to get the glowing skin of your dreams. It has a number of benefits, and it works wonders to reveal a dewy, radiant skin that glows from within. Incorporating Vitamin C into your daily skincare routine will show noticeable changes in your skin.

Typically, it takes 6 - 8 weeks for Vitamin C to show significant results, but you will feel your skin getting softer, dark spots and pigmentation fading away, and a subtle glow showing up within a week’s use. Well, everything cannot be perfect, and so is Vitamin C! Despite these various benefits offered, it has one downside, and that is its highly unstable nature, which can irritate sensitive skin.

This does not mean you cannot get the benefits of Vitamin C without irritating your skin; instead of using the traditional Vitamin C or the L- Ascorbic Acid, you can opt for a stable variant of Vitamin C, which does not irritate sensitive skin. One such variant is Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THD Ascorbate), or the Gold Standard of Vitamin C.

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It is a superior version of Vitamin C, and international skincare brands offer it in their skincare lineup, but you don’t have to worry; Indian brand Light Up Beauty offers this in its Vitamin C skincare range: Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum, Prism Vitamin C Glow Cream and Gold Rush Vitamin C sunscreen.

So we have established you need Vitamin C as a daily use face cream for glowing skin; it’s time to know the why, the how and what products of Vitamin C would work for you.

Why Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a powerful Antioxidant that targets specific skin concerns and makes your skin bright, glowing and blemish-free. Incorporating Vitamin C into your skincare routine will have immense benefits for your skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, delaying the ageing process, boosts collagen production, making your skin look tight and firm, and reduces dark spots and pigmentation, revealing bright, glowy skin that looks and feels healthy and fresh.

What Products to Use?

Vitamin C is available in various products such as a face serum, a day cream and even Vitamin C-induced sunscreen. While using a Vitamin C serum is the best way to get the most out of Vitamin C’s benefits, it can be an added step, and some might feel lazy about it.

So, if you want to skip this step band yet get the benefits of Vitamin C for your skin, how about a moisturizing cream - a step you can’t skip, with the benefits of Vitamin C! Light Up Beauty’s Prism Vitamin C Cream is the perfect glow tonic for your morning skincare routine. Here’s why you should use a face cream daily : 

  • Moisturizes and Protects: A face cream's basic function is to moisturize and keep the skin hydrated, and that goes even for oily skin types because hydration is every skin's need. It also creates a barrier to protect the skin from environmental harm.
  • Fights Aging: skin brightening cream with ingredients such as Vitamin C helps reduce signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Plumps and firms: With ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, a face cream makes the skin firm, plump and healthy looking.
  • Even Skin Tone: Every day, the use of Vitamin C enriched face cream will make the skin more even toned by fading away dark spots, dullness and pigmentation.
  • Prevents Acne: A face cream that does not clog pores but efficiently moisturizes the skin and doesn't let acne form.
  • Nourishes and Repairs Skin: Face creams provide important nutrients like vitamins directly to the skin that heal the skin.
  • Soothes Skin: While Vitamin C gives the best glow, it may irritate the skin. However, the Gold Standard of Vitamin C not only brightens and is anti-inflammatory but also soothes sensitive skin.
  • Better Makeup Application: Face creams give a smoother base for applying makeup evenly and also make it last longer.
  • One-Stop Solution: A carefully formulated face cream with the best ingredients is for all skin types and all skin concerns - hydration, treatment, and brightening.

Vitamin C Cream - PRISM removes pigmentation in two weeks

Using daily use face cream for glowing skin can help keep your skin healthy, address specific skin issues, and enhance your overall appearance. The Prism Vitamin C cream has the Gold Standard of Vitamin C - a more effective yet gentle variant.

Daily use of this face cream boosts Collagen production by up to 50%; it has Alpha Arbutin that reduces pigmentation and dark patches, Milk Peptides that boost elasticity and hydration, Bio Retinols to tighten and sculpt the skin and Hyaluronic Acid that plumps and skin. It is the one cream you need to achieve glowing skin while addressing other skin concerns as well.

How to Incorporate Vitamin C into your skincare?

So far, we have established what you need to get that glowy, dewy skin and what you can use to achieve the same; here’s how you can incorporate these products to get there : 

You can use daily use face cream for glowing skin into your skincare with a Vitamin C serum, a Vitamin C face cream and a Vitamin C sunscreen. Follow a simple CTMP routine:

  • Cleanse: Using a gentle face wash, thoroughly clean your face before applying any products, as putting anything on a dirty face will do the opposite - worsen your skin concerns. Light Up Beauty’s Dew Drop face wash is a gentle formulation that cleanses the face thoroughly.
  • Treat: Apply 1 to 2 pumps of Vitamin C serum on a clean face. Blaze Face Glow serum is a very effective Vitamin C serum with the Gold Standard of Vitamin C. It is perfect for treating dull skin and giving it a brightening dose while soothing sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Moisturize: A moisturizing cream locks in all the goodness of the serum and keeps your skin protected by forming a barrier. Prism Vitamin C Glow cream moisturizes, protects and brightens the skin in the most efficient way due to the superior Gold Standard of Vitamin C in its formulation.
  • Protect: Remember to apply sunscreen before stepping out. It is non-negotiable when going out in the sun; it protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays. A sunscreen with Vitamin C performs all the functions of a sunscreen but better as Vitamin C adds a layer of protection against sun damage. Gold Rush Vitamin C sunscreen has a high SPF of 60 and PA++++ UV filters to give maximum protection against the harms of the sun. It has the Gold Standard of Vitamin C that aids in sun protection and gives you glowy skin that is safe from the sun.

 Conclusion : 

Achieving glowing skin with glowing skin products is everybody’s dream, but a lot of ways, products, and ingredients go around that create confusion. The only ingredient proven time and again actually to brighten your skin is Vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant that targets specific skin concerns such as dullness, pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, and it reveals blemish-free, bright, glowing skin. But Vitamin C has its downside as well - it is highly unstable and can irritate sensitive skin, so to get all the amazing benefits of Vitamin C while catering to the needs of sensitive skin, you should opt for THD Ascorbate, aka the Gold Standard of Vitamin C - a more effective yet gentle variant of Vitamin C (L Ascorbic) which is found in most skincare products.

Light Up Beauty’s Vitamin C skincare range - Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum, Prism Vitamin C Glow Cream, and Gold Rush Vitamin C sunscreen features this premium version of Vitamin C. A daily use face cream for glowing skin with Vitamin C offers the best of both worlds - hydrates and brightens. Prism Vitamin C Glow Cream has an amazing blend of ingredients such as the Gold Standard of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, milk peptides, and retinol that not only brighten but also protect, hydrate and repair the skin. Incorporating Vitamin C into your skincare routine can be done by a simple CTMP (Cleans, Treat, Moisturize, Protect) routine.