Now we all know the popular adage - “you are what you eat”. Apart from a smart skincare regime, adequate sleep and staying active, we feel a few quick changes to your diet can make a world of a difference to your skin texture and clarity.

Our busy lives means limited time and so we have identified 5 quick fixes that will transform your complexion.

Glow Potion #1 : Coconut Water

Popularly labelled by the Hawaii native folk as “noelani” translated in English as “dew from the heavens”, this miracle water is packed with nutrients.

This water contains electrolytes and natural salts such as potassium and magnesium which seamlessly address dehydration and pull back moisture into your skin.

This almost fat free and sugar free delight is also great at tackling acne owing to its high content of lauric acid, which is known to successfully control inflammatory acne.

Moreover, it contains cytokinins which swiftly tackle premature ageing and fine lines and wrinkles.

How to consume: Its best to consume coconut water in fresh form as you are sure then, that you are getting 100% natural coconut juice without any added sweeteners or preservatives.

Glow Potion #2 : Green Juice

There is nothing like a good old green smoothie packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to clear up your complexion and render it a healthy, youthful glow.

Just combine Kale leaves, Beets, Celery, Green Apple, Vitamin C rich Papaya with a shot of Aloe Vera juice and Turmeric to hit that shortcut to an all natural glow. Kale is considered a rage for its intensely high Vitamin content (A,B,C,E) and combined with mineral rich Beetroot, detoxifying Celery, Vitamin C rich Papaya and anti-inflammatory Turmeric and Aloe Vera juice – you have got yourself a concoction for healthy radiance.

How to consume : Drink your smoothie ideally in the morning, maintaining an 1 hour gap before or after your coffee and never with a cooked meal.

No wonder we named our Face Wash after this popular detox drink as it contains the goodness of Avocado, Matcha, Hemp and Parsley – all green superfoods for superb skin !

Glow Potion #3: Soy Milk

An incredibly popular breakfast drink in Asian countries, Soy milk was even considered one of 5 sacred crops in China. Squeezed from soybeans, this milk is tremendously rich in proteins and contains calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and several other minerals.

As we age, we lose collagen which determines the elasticity factor of our skin, causing it to droop, sag and well, give us those fine lines and wrinkles that we attempt to hide with layers of makeup.

Soy milk naturally lifts and firms skin by boosting collagen production, keeping skin looking youthful.

How to consume : Always choose an organic or unsweetened brand and try substituting your regular milk in coffee with soy, if you are unable to drink it on its own.

Glow Potion # 4: Matcha Tea

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Matcha, it is simply a bright green powder form of young tea leaves. When you drink green tea, you are simply drinking water that’s infused with the leaves, but in case of Matcha, you are drinking the entire leaf. The finest Matcha is traditionally ground with a granite stone and is an essential part of Japanese tea ceremonies.

Knowing this simple and clear difference can be huge as it brings us to the explosive benefits of drinking Matcha tea for our skin.

Matcha has 137% times more anti-oxidants than ordinary green tea and just 1 cup equals 10 cups of green tea in terms of nutritional content.

Matcha infact contains 20 times more anti-oxidants than pomegranates or blueberries according to certain research studies and everyone knows the importance of anti-oxidants for great skin !

How to consume : Just simply whisk matcha and hot water together or add it to milk to make your very own Matcha latte every morning.

Glow Potion #5: Cucumber infused Water

Give plain water that zing by adding few sliced cucumbers and let it infuse for 1 hour before drinking.

Cucumber water not only gives an interesting flavour but delivers Anti-oxidants and Vitamin B-5 (which treats acne) apart from Vitamin A and C. Healthy and nourished skin needs deep hydration which Cucumber delivers being 96% composed of water.

This infusion also eliminates toxins from your body, helps you detoxify and reset your skin and even helps in weight loss.

This delicious and refreshing drink can be combined with slices of oranges and lime to give it an interesting twist. You could prepare it in advance before you leave for work and keep refilling as you go through the day.

So go ahead, take your pick or better still, try all of them to see the afterglow.

Cheers from the Light Up Team !