The Role Of Anti Oxidant In Skin Care


Before launching into the topic of anti-oxidants it is important to understand why there is a need to have them at all in the first place. For starters, anti-oxidants are the heroes when it comes to defending our bodies from free radicals which cause havoc with our entire system. For the uninitiated free radicals are unstable molecules that only have one free electron instead of a pair of electrons required to make it stable and un-reactive. While searching for nearby molecules to steal an electron from, a chain reaction is created which in turn results in a rapid increase of free radicals. This leads to oxidative stress.

Here is where the anti-oxidants comes to our rescue by fighting against oxidation. They are able to give an electron to an unstable molecule without destabilizing themselves. There goes the chain reaction poof!

This might seem a bit too much to handle, but there we are.

Anti-oxidants are therefore very critical in our diet as well as our skin care routine. Here are a few anti-oxidants that we should be in the know of


Vitamin C is a key player in many skin formulations. It helps to keep pigmentation at bay and mitigates UV damage. It brightens the skin tone and actually works like a pigment inhibitor. Prism and Blaze both in fact contain the most exclusive kind of Vitamin C called THD .Prism is a vitamin C face cream and Blaze is a Vitamin C face serum. Prism can be applied during the night so that you get up to dewy fresh skin



Blackcurrant is a very powerful antioxidant. They contain anthocyanin which are extremely potent in resolving many skin issues. It improves the skin’s elasticity and gives it a rejuvenated look. Blaze which is a Vitamin C face serum contains this wonder can be applied each morning. It acts as a protective barrier for the skin and keeping it hydrated and resilient.


Curcumin reduces oxidative stress, is soothing, revives and restores the kin to give it a healthy glow .It also aids in stimulating new cell growth in the skin thereby giving it a touch of youthfulness. Curcumin can be found in Flash which is a facial powder wash. But this can also be used as an exfoliating scrub for the entire body as well.



Botanical extracts like Rosemary extract Matcha (Green tea) are also powerhouses of anti-oxidants in skin care. Rosemary tightens the skin making it look tighter and more youthful. Matcha is a super hero anti-oxidant. It reduces excess sebum and minimises the signs of aging. Green Juice which contains Matcha is a face cleanser It will help support a healthy skin without upsetting the Ph balance.



Vitamin E is a loyal footman, guard, soldier you can say in any skin care formulation. It works on damaged skin and helps in any kind of skin restoration. It also boosts the skins clarity while keeping it soft and supple. Many of the products from Light Up contain this amazing antioxidant.


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