Do you want a natural glow? Grab your running shoes!


If anyone had to ask you , what is the best way to get a natural everlasting glow . What would your answer be ? Would you say make up , liquid foundation, or a rosy cheek tint ? I am afraid this answer is not getting you any brownie points . The right answer would be : “ A brisk walk “ Easy to implement and totally free !



A regular walk boosts the body’s blood circulation, which in turn brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin . A brisk walk hastens the heart rate which works faster to pump the oxygenated blood . Walking is a wonderful way to cleanse from the inside.


When oxygenated blood is brought to the skin , the cells repair themselves faster . There is increased delivery of skin nutrients . The skin cells are repaired and boosted sufficiently to make collagen which makes the skin look tighter . There is also a great reduction of puffiness if you have it under the eyes and around your face . Several studies have shown that people who are regular walkers have younger looking skin than those who don’t!



Walking releases chemicals from the brain called endorphins . Endorphins are a major stress reliever. Endorphins in turn reduce hormones like cortisol and other acne producing hormones. So walking will not only uplift your mood and make you cheerful but make you fresh faced as well.


So if you want rosy cheeks and a radiant glowing look , don’t reach out for that concealer or that blush ……..look for your walking shoes . Your sneakers are now going to be your ally in achieving that lit within look.


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