The Light Up®Difference

NoMarketing Gimmicks!

No namesakes, no fake promises. If it’s on the box, its also a high potency active key ingredient in just the right percentage to ensure our proprietary formulation works wonders on your skin.

No Toxins,No Nasty Chemicals!

Prepare for the best thing to happen to your skin ever! We have worked hard to keep our products clean, safe and effective. You won’t find any harsh chemicals or toxic stuff in our beauty marvels.


We focus on injecting high levels of Anti-Oxidants & Phyto- Nutrients in every cutting edge skincare creation we churn out but without the side effects of redness, dryness & sensitization by using natural PH friendly ingredients such as Spirulina, Rose, Parsley and Blackcurrant. Guaranteed to transform every skin type. It’s glow on the go !


Whether it’s the latest clinically proven and path-breaking Gold Standard of Vitamin C (THD-Ascorbate) that we use or the ancient New Zealand Glacial Clay that dates as far back as 3 million years ago, we have gone all out to source the best, highest-performance standard ingredients for our curated blends.