Water – The Magical Elixir

Loren Eiseley a world famous anthropologist said and I quote "If there is magic on this planet , it is contained in water"

It is no secret that water is crucial, indispensable and irreplaceable for all life on earth. When this is such a well known fact then why is it that most people deprive themselves of this magical drink called water. Reading this article will probably help to emphasise the importance of staying hydrated and healthy.

About sixty percent of the human body is made up of water, but this again varies based on the age and gender. It is safe to presume that the range would be between 45 and 75 percent. According to medical studies which have been undertaken, it has been suggested that a male should drink around 3.7 litres of water a day and a woman should drink about 2.7 litres. This should of course be spaced out during the day. Just a sip of water now and then will make sure that your daily target is easily accomplished. You don’t have to wait to feel thirsty to drink water. Because if you are doing that, then the body has sent you an S.O.S that it is already dehydrated!

So here’s an interesting fact, three quarters of the brain is made up of water. So, even a tiny percentage of dehydration will lead to fatigue, loss of clarity and headaches. Drinking water will drive your brain into combat mode. You will be bright, alert and ready to take on any challenge which comes your way. Your mind will be razor sharp and incisive. It will be your Eureka moment! So say cheers to getting sloshed on water and to a better and more energetic You!

Water is also the most suitable match when you get those hunger pangs at the most unsuitable times of the day. Reach out for that natural potion and turn your back on that bag of chips you have been eyeing for sometime now.

Renee Rouleau, a much sought after skin expert says “Be good to your skin , You will wear it everyday for the rest of our life”. What an elegant way of stating the very obvious!

Our skin contains thirty percent of water ,and adequate hydration in turn keeps acne and pimples at bay. Water intake will determine whether you would prefer a desiccated, exhausted look or would you rather gulp down some of that H2O and flaunt your glow. But researchers are of the view that apart from regular water intake, the use of topical emollients are also necessary. A hydrating face mask like the Drench Jelly mask will aid in giving you that dewy look. A face glow serum like Blaze which is enriched with a 12 power Nutri complex will act like a barrier to seal in that moisture so that you can put your best foot forward. An ideal combination for good skin would be a daily dosage of that magical elixir and a skin care regimen which includes products from a trustworthy brand.

To conclude, W.H Auden a famous British American poet said "Thousands have lived without love, not one without water."

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