The Power of Vitamin C for Men's Skin: Men's Skincare Must-Have:

Gone are the days when skincare used to be restricted to only women. Today more and more men are understanding the importance of a healthy skin barrier and a good skincare routine. Even though men’s skin is much thicker than women's skin, it needs the same amount of attention and care as that of a woman's skin.

Pollution, stress, heat, sun damage and other lifestyle factors can cause dark spots, pigmentation, and damage to the skin barrier. To combat all these problems, One hero ingredient is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is called the antioxidant powerhouse ingredient which has the capabilities of transforming your skin if used consistently and in the correct way. Vitamin C is naturally available in oranges, amla, tomatoes, potatoes etc. Now you might wonder if you can get the same benefits of Vitamin C by consuming these food products.

But that's not true as the concentration of Vitamin C in these products is not enough for our skin. So what is the alternative? Vitamin C serums and creams. These are topical elixirs and creams that contain required concentration of Vitamin C and can be applied topically on the skin. It penetrates deep into the epidermal layer of the skin and helps in healing and protecting the skin from all the common culprits known to cause skin damage.

Why use Vitamin C?

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant which protects your skin against free radicals and enemies like dust, pollution and sun damage.

  • It has anti-aging effects and is proven to boost collagen, a protein in our skin that helps in reducing wrinkles, and fine lines and give a skin firmer and healthier-looking glow.

  • It helps in reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots 

  • Help in reducing those under-eye circles

  • Helps in the overall healing of skin and protects it from further skin damage

How to use Vitamin C the correct way?

1) Start with a clean canvas: It is very important to start with a clean face. Always use a good face wash that suits your skin before applying any skincare product. Light Up beauty’s anti acne hydrating face wash is a great option with men with sensitive and acne prone skin. It contains ingredients like Salicylic acid and Niacinamide which help reduce acne and help heal and soothe sensitive skin.

2) Application: It is important to use the correct techniques to apply the products. Vitamin C serums can be used both day and night. However, remember that Vitamin C is photosensitive, meaning it degrades very easily when in contact with sunlight. So every time you use a Vitamin C serum in the day, always follow it up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Light Up Beauty’s Gold Rush SPF 60 Vitamin C Sunscreen comes with the gold standard of Vitamin C and 1% Ceramides, which not only protect the skin against sun damage but also help in reducing pigmentation, and dark spots and repairing skin barrier. Apply 4 to 5 drops of the serum all over your face and remember to always pat the product in the skin and never rub it vigorously.

3) Post application care:
Vitamin C can be a bit drying on the skin so it is important to follow it up with a good hydrating moisturizer. This step helps in retaining moisture in your skin and also helps build skin barriers. Light up Beauty’s Wave hydrating cream is a good option as it has 5% Squalane and 2% Niacinamide that help in provisioning hydration, fading spots and boosting oxygen in the skin.

Choosing the right formulation

1) Understanding the formulation: Choosing the right formulation and concentration of Vitamin C for your skin type is the most crucial step. Understanding the ingredients helps you choose the right product for yourself. If you are someone who is a beginner in this journey, start with lesser concentrated formulations like 5% or 10% Vitamin C serums.

You can also start with Vitamin C creams as they have less concentration and also contain other ingredients to soothe the skin. Light Up Beauty’s Prism Vitamin C Glow Cream is a great option as it contains ingredients like THD Ascorbate, which is a highly stable form of Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin, which helps in tackling hyperpigmentation, Milk Peptides, that help boost collagen, and Bio Retinol, that makes is less irritating on the skin.

 You can also go for Light Up Beauty’s Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum which contains Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate aka THD ascorbate, which is India’s first in its type. It is an oil-soluble form of Vitamin C. Since most of our skin is made up of lipids, fats and oils, THD ascorbate being oil soluble can penetrate the skin 3X faster than any other Vitamin C.

THD ascorbate after penetrating in the skin gets converted to Ascorbic acid which provides all the benefits. Since THD Ascorbate is not a direct acid, it is even suitable for sensitive skin and is less likely to irritate the skin barrier. Studies have shown that THD Ascorbate is effective in reducing the hyperpigmentation even in cases of melasma.

THD Ascorbate is a much more stable molecule than L- Ascorbic Acid meaning it degrades much slower than the other Vitamin C available in the market. Light Up Beauty’s Blaze India’s first Vitamin C serum infused with THD Ascorbate at a very reasonable price, with its quality equivalent to International market standards.

2) Store your product correctly: Vitamin C is highly photosensitive, meaning it degrades when it comes in contact with air and sunlight. Always see that your Vitamin C serum is in opaque packaging and always store it in a cool and dark place. Once a Vitamin C serum turns Yellow or Brown, it has degraded and lost its efficacy, indicating it's time to discard this one and purchase a new bottle.

3) Always patch test before using: Not just with Vitamin C but with every new product, patch test it first on some other part of your body like the back of the neck or hands and wait for 24 hours to ensure that the product does not cause any irritation to your skin.


Vitamin C serum is an absolute must have in every man's skin care routine. Its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties keep your skin feeling fresh and glowing all day. So if you are on a look out for that one ingredient that can change your entire skincare routine, your search stops here, with Light Up Beauty having glowing skin products like Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum. It is India’s first ever Vitamin C serum with the Gold standard of Vitamin C which is the most stable form of Vitamin C. Its light texture, and quick absorbing nature make it everyone's favourite.