6 Common Hair Mistakes Everyone Makes ( Don’t Worry – They are Reversible ! )

Mistake # 1

Brushing Hair Too Much

We all grew up thinking that brushing our hair a 100 times on a daily basis would make them look silky smooth and healthy but boy, were we wrong. The ultimate truth sadly is that brushing your hair too many times can damage them severely. What you need is a wide toothed comb that can effectively detangle your hair without pulling at the roots thereby minimising hair loss.

Mistake # 2

Washing Hair Daily

A lot of people assume that washing hair on a daily basis cleanses the scalp and keeps your locks clean and oil free. But in reality, over-washing can strip your scalp of its natural oils causing an imbalance in the oil production and leading to an oily look. Hair also begins to lose its colour and sheen if it is subjected to a daily wash especially with shampoos that contain sulphates or alcohol.

The ideal washing cycle is typically every 3rd day and if your hair is extremely dry, it may even need a wash just once a week depending on how frequently you exercise and create a build-up of sweat and dirt at the roots.

Mistake # 3

Styling Wet Hair

It is often forgotten that hair is at its weakest form when its wet causing easy breakage and damage when one begins to comb or style wet strands . Hair should be styled only when it is thoroughly towel dried and in a better position to tolerate heating tools. Air-drying your hair or using a soft towel to absorb the excess water are ideal ways to prep your hair for styling. Applying a detangling product and using a brush with soft and wide bristles can easily smoothen your hair once dried and avoid breakage and loss of hair.

80 percent of the moisture needs to be out of your hair before any styling tool comes in contact otherwise you are definitely in for some serious hair damage !

Mistake # 4

Tying Hair Too Tight

Ofcourse, we all like to wear our hair up, once in a while, whether it’s a hot weather day or a cool ponytail that we want to flaunt. But there is a limit to how tight your hair should be tied, in order to avoid damaging the roots and putting unnecessary stress on them.

Switch from tight braids and high ponytails to a medium or low tie and change your hair accessories from hard plastic ones to softer fabrics like velvet or cotton. Try wearing your hair down; your hair needs a break too, once in a while !

Mistake # 5

Using the Wrong Towel

Did you know that the fabric of the towel can play a big role in how your hair is dried and in post wash hair loss and breakage ?

When you vigorously rub your wet hair with the wrong kind of towel, it can lead to extensive hair loss. The coarse texture and dryness of the towel can damage your hair. You need to switch to a cotton T-shirt or a microfibre towel which are softer and gentle on wet hair, minimise breakage and dry out hair effectively.

Mistake # 6

Too Much Heat

We often make the mistake of applying too much heat without using heat protectants and it’s no secret that exposing your strands to high temperatures can irreversibly damage them. So what’s the key to almost perfect blow-drying? Experts say that when 75-80% of the moisture has been removed from your hair through towel or air-drying, your hair is ready for a blow-out. Try using the lowest heat setting on your appliance, apply a serum to the ends to soften them and always maintain a distance of at least half to ¾ of an inch between the styling tool and your hair.

This way you can still continue to style your hair but by keeping damage to a minimum.

Respect your hair and don’t over-do chemical and processing treatments as even the most beautiful mane can only take so much. Regular hydration, a healthy diet and oiling regularly with natural oils like argan, coconut and sweet almond are essential in maintaining great looking hair.

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